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Men's Medieval and Renaissance Clothing

The Victorian Shoppe carries a limited selection of men's clothing from the Medieval and Renaissance periods. The clothing is appropriate to wear to Renaissance Fairs, costume parties, and for theatrical productions.

During the Renaissance Era, men usually wore doublets, jerkins or vests over their shirts. Doublets are close-fitting jackets with long sleeves and buttoned down (or laced) from a high collar. Sometimes the sleeves became very intricate with slashings (almost like ribbons of material) to reveal the shirts underneath. The lengths and styles of doublets varied throughout the years according to popular fashion ideals of the time.

Woven hosen continued to be worn by men under their doublets and vests. After 1540, hosen became separated into 2 sections - the upper section were breeches and the lower section hosen. By 1580 Venetian breeches, which were wide around the hips became all the rage. They remained in fashion until the end of the Renaissance Era. Working men also wore Irish Trews and Sailor Pants - which were the forerunners of modern pants.
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Renaissance Trews Pants Leather Belt John Cook Renaissance Shirt
Renaissance Trews
Our Price: $40.00
Leather Belt
Our Price: $45.00
Highland Early Kilt Highland Early Kilt Tudor Renaissance Shirt
Tudor Shirt - Medium
Our Price: $55.00
Renaissance Shirt Court Breeches Scottish Shirt
Renaissance Shirt
Our Price: $55.00
Court Breeches
Our Price: $55.00
Scottish Shirt Venetian Breeches Captain La Sage Pirate Vest
Venetian Velvet Breeches
Our Price: $75.00
Renaissance Pirate Outfit Royal Doublet Court Doublet
Royal Doublet - XL
Our Price: $119.00
Court Doublet - Large
Our Price: $149.00
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